We are a UX / UI AGENCY and we help you improve the UX of your digital products

For more than 15 years, we work on the improvement of technological products for Belgian and International customers. ergolabs group is a UX/UI agency providing UX analysis, usability, ergonomics & interaction design services. The company is led by Sacha Kocovski, a renowned ergonomist & UX expert, who has worked on the improvement of more than 400 products.

Main services .

We provide solutions to improve your client satisfaction, conversion rates, productivity, etc.


Our UX experts and researchers help you choose from a variety of methods to fit your particular needs: Field studies, interviews, usability testing, remote testing, diary studies, focus groups, card sorting, etc.

We help you improve your products (Internet, Intranet, Mobile apps) with UX data and insights. You'll get to see how your clients are using your products, their difficulties and their comments. In definitive, you'll get all the insights to improve them.

Having all the UX insights at hand, we design efficient, modern and enjoyable interfaces for you. We make sure that they follow UX best practices and bring maximum value to your users.

Empower your team with UX knowledge. We define with you the best training program to improve your in-house skills. We can also define a coaching track, to help you reach the next UX maturity level.

Main methods .

Together, we define the methods with the highest added value to your project.


Expert review (or heuristic evaluation) is a form of usability inspection where usability specialists judge if a user interface follows a list of established usability principles (such as guidance, workload, terminology, error prevention, consistency, etc.)


User testing is used to evaluate a product with real users. These users will try to complete typical tasks while observers watch, listen and take notes to identify usability problems and collect data like success rate, time on task and determine participant’s satisfaction.


Eye tracking technology is used to show which areas of a page are grabbing user’s attention and areas that are being ignored. Eye tracking is also useful in showing how a user searches for information. It’s like experiencing an interface through the eyes of your users.


Card sorting is used to find the latent structure in an list of content. Users are asked to sort labeled cards into groups that make sense to them. Thanks to that, the user’s mental models are discovered (the way they group and label content in their own minds).

Working with us / approach

1. Return on investment

When working on UX, even a small investment can have a big impact on you project. That’s why we’re working with you to find which methods could have the highest added value to your project.

2. Partners, not providers

Our will is to establish a real partnership with our customers. We believe that trust & communication help building a strong and efficient working relationship.

Step-by-step strategy

Our working process allows us to assist you during every stage of your product development, from concept to delivery.

Ethics and deontology

We never compromise on the quality of the methodologies we use. All our missions are led by licensed & experimented ergonomists.

Core team .

We are a small team, with a wide network of experts in all major fields.

Sacha Kocovski

UX expert – Director

Marie Callandt

Visual Design – UI expert

David Baudart

UX-UI Designer